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ID450*OD 560 hydraulic cylinder barrel and honed tube used for hydraulic cylinder pipe

ID450*OD 560 hydraulic cylinder barrel and honed tube.This honed ID tubing is designed for heavy type hydraulic cylinder, the tube length up to 13 meter.We are hydraulic tube suppliers, we could produce honed steel tubes OD from 20 to 2500mm.


hydraulic cylinder tube material & mechanical properties comparison

The most popular material or grade for hydraulic cylinder honed tube and pipe.When we are choosing material, we need to consider their MOQ and their mechanical properties at the same time.If the sizes of hydraulic cylinder honed tubes are standard, many customer will choose material ST52/E355/Q345B.


Hydraulic Cylinder Honed Tube Size List



20MnV6 Mechanical properties for chrome rod round bar and chrome shaft

Do you know the mechanical properties of 20MnV6 grade for chrome rod round bar and chrome shaft?It has better mechanical properties than 1045 chrome plated rod.Please check following information :Tensile strength: above 750 MpaYield strength: above 590 MpaElongation : Above 12%Chemical Information:C


shock absorber chrome pipe and rods

For Shock absorber used tube and rods:For tubes, they are always very thin, following photo tube size is 41*36, the tube outside is chrome plating and inside is smooth.For chrome rods, following rods diameter is 16mm, it is induction hardened to increase the surface hardness.


diameter 1425mm seamless machined honed pipe waiting for honing

Diameter 1425mm seamless machined honed pipe waiting for honing.We have big tunring machine to fabricate longest 26 meter pipes.After Turning the OD and Boring the ID, then we will hone the ID .Honed ID tubing will have smooth ID, Ra better than 0.4um.


RCEP takes effect for Indonesia on January 2, 2023

RCEP takes effect for Indonesia SinceJanuary 2,2023!The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement officially took effect for Indonesia on January 2, with the country putting new regulations in place for its trade with other members of the world's largest free trade deal


chrome plated rod mechanical properties chrome bar tolerance

Following are Chrome plated rod and bar technical parameters:CHEMICAL COMPOSITIONMaterialC%Mn%Si%S%P%V%Cr%CK450.42-0.500.50-0.80≤0.04≤0.0350.035≤0.25ST52≤0.22≤1.6≤0.55≤0.04≤0.0420MnV60.16-0.221.30-1.700.10-0.50≤0.035≤0.0350.10-0.20≤0.3042CrMo40.38-0.450.60-0.900.15-0.40≤0.035


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