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hydraulic cylinder tube material & mechanical properties comparison

The most popular material or grade for hydraulic cylinder honed tube and pipe.When we are choosing material, we need to consider their MOQ and their mechanical properties at the same time.If the sizes of hydraulic cylinder honed tubes are standard, many customer will choose material ST52/E355/Q345B.


chrome plated rod mechanical properties chrome bar tolerance

Following are Chrome plated rod and bar technical parameters:CHEMICAL COMPOSITIONMaterialC%Mn%Si%S%P%V%Cr%CK450.42-0.500.50-0.80≤0.04≤0.0350.035≤0.25ST52≤0.22≤1.6≤0.55≤0.04≤0.0420MnV60.16-0.221.30-1.700.10-0.50≤0.035≤0.0350.10-0.20≤0.3042CrMo40.38-0.450.60-0.900.15-0.40≤0.035


What are the causes of chrome / honed steel pipe deformation caused by high -frequency Induction?

What are the causes of chrome / honed steel pipe deformation caused by high -frequency Induction?1. The tube wall is too thin.2. Cooling speed is too fast, and oil is cold.3. Excessive stress in the raw materials and there is no preheat treatment.4. Unemployment of heating and cooling, otherwi


the longest length honed tube Wuxi Baiheng ever produce

The Longest length honed tube Wuxi Baiheng ever produce is 17.5 meter.The size is 280*300, and material ST52 / E355.They are seamless cylinder honed tube, not welded tube.The Second longest length hydraulic cylinder tube Wuxi Baiheng produce is 16.5 meter.The honed tube size is The Material is


popular tube size for home elevator chrome plated hollow rods hydraulic tubes

what size are popular for home elevator tubes / home lift chrome tubes?size (ID*OD) :40*50, 50*60, 60*70, 70*80, 80*90, 90*100, 100*110, 110*120material : ST52/E355Length : 6 to 8 meterWe produce around 200 ton such hollow rods for home elevator, and export to Iran, India and Russia !


how to make sure hydraulic cylinder tubes not get rusted ?

How we can make sure hydraulic cylinder honed/skived tubes not get rusted ?Make sure the oil of skiving machine is clean ! The oil used by skiving machine is recyclable, but we have to pay attention to the cleaness of the oil. Because if the oil is not clean, it may cause rust of tubes.Make sure dur


Iron ore prices remained high and the production profits of steel enterprises narrowed.

2022-04-15 07:37:54 Securities TimesIn the past two trading days, iron ore futures prices showed signs of high volatility. Since March, with the end of limited production in the heating season and the improvement of the rhythm of resumption of production in various places, the demand for raw materia


Why OD of honed tubes sometimes need be Polished?

Why OD of honed tubes sometime also be Polished?For telescopic cylinder tube use.Some honed tubes are used for telescopic cylinder, then the OD maybe need polished and then chrome plated. Because there are still other honed tubes out of this honed tubes.For better painting 。Polish OD of honed


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